Tipperary Co Co Surpasses 2020 Energy Efficiency Target

Tipperary Energy Agency provides an energy management programme of works to Tipperary County Council. As a result of this work, Tipperary Co Co has been successful in reducing its energy consumption and resulting carbon emissions. The Council continues to be a leading local authority in energy performance.

39% Improvement in Energy Efficiency

2019, despite an increase in activities from 2017 and 2018, was another good year for energy conservation. The Council has improved its energy efficiency by 39% from a 2005 baseline, against a national target of 33% by 2020. 2019 was 4% better than 2018 and 12% better than target glidepath.

Increased energy efficiency is part of its effort to mitigate against further climate change by limiting its carbon footprint and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. Electrical, thermal and transport energy consumption were all better than 2018.

With the projects completed in 2020 and the very exciting pipeline of projects planned for 2021 and beyond , Tipperary Co Co can look forward to continue playing an exemplary role in energy conservation and sustainability.