Webinar to focus on Energy Democracy in Local Communities, so everyone has access to Community Power

An online webinar aimed at discussing how we can build energy democracy in local communities so that everyone has access to community power will be held on Tuesday, March 24th.

Co-hosted by Tipperary Energy Agency and Friends of the Earth Ireland, the webinar will be free to join but places are limited so registration is essential.

Community-owned energy projects have the potential to transform our energy system. Communities and cooperatives all over Europe are creating projects where they own and are actively involved in running an energy resource. Join the webinar to hear information from those who are doing this work on the ground in Ireland, as well as analysis of the problem’s with Ireland’s current energy model.

Speakers include Tipperary Energy Agency’s CEO, Paul Kenny. He will also be joined by John Fogarty of Community Power, and Cliona Sharkey, Policy Advisor with Trocaire.

Paul Kenny from Tipperary Energy Agency said, ‘Energy democracy is ensuring that energy is seen as a service for society, and not just an economic activity that is used to increase wealth. Having citizens generate, sell, consume and manage their own energy collectively is one of the key tools of engaging society in the wider energy transition that we must now all embark on.’

Places are now full for this webinar but Friends of the Earth Ireland will be livestreaming it on their Facebook page from 7pm if you’d like to watch.

Please note: This webinar is now over but you can watch it back below.